Selecting the Best Work Bag for your Team

When it comes to kitting out your team with work bags, or providing your clients with a branded company bag, there are some things to consider to make sure you not only purchase the best possible product, but that the bag also helps you to build a stronger relationship with those receiving it. WOW Factor…

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Brisbane Truck Show 2019 Wrap Up

Australia’s Premier Truck Show, the Brisbane Truck Show has come and gone. To simply say that the organisers, the Heavy Vehicle Industry Association (HVIA), put on an amazing show, would be total understatement. The guys at the HVIA should be praised for such a professional and quality event. As exhibitors, we get to see a…

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Introducing Truckie Bag Version 5

It is quite coincidental our company name being NXT Journey, because the past 6 years have definitely been just that- a Journey. I grew up around trucks in our family transport business in a small Australian town called Cootamundra. After school and on weekends, most of our time was spent at the depot. My dad…

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Truck Driving With Children Passengers


With the Easter holidays approaching, many mums and dads begin to ask that age old question “What are we going to do with the kids?” Many families do not have the luxury of having another family member on hand to look after children during the holidays. People have to work. I remember when I was…

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Truck Driver Health Tips To Keep You Safe On The Road

Truck drivers exert tons of effort during their long shifts. They work long-haul jobs, travelling lengthy distances with sometimes limited breaks. As such, the nature of their job can cause an unhealthy lifestyle that gives them little time to take care of themselves; including time for them to eat, exercise, or take a long rest.…

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The importance of building a strong personal support network

Humans are social animals. In ancient times we survived because we worked together in tribal groups. Nothing has changed, we still need strong support networks and never has this been more important than for families of professional truck drivers and people that work remotely. When out on the road for work there are so many…

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